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You might choose not to lead with it, or to include it on your resume at all, but you shouldn’t actively try to hide it (and you absolutely shouldn’t lie about if directly asked).

Rather, the idea is that your resume is a marketing document, not a comprehensive accounting of everything you’ve ever done, and if listing an advanced degree won’t strengthen your candidacy (and might hurt it), you’re not under any obligation to include it.

It is important to note that this is only a recommendation and that both the Institutional Action Council (IAC) and the HLC Board have full discretion to disagree with the underlying findings and/or recommendation of the visiting team, and the HLC Board has other options at its disposal should it determine, based on the evidence, that a different or less favorable outcome is warranted.

There is no question based on the site visiting team’s full review and recommendations that the hard work and intensive hours many of you put into the site team’s visit this past November led to the positive recommendation.

Regarding Title V and racism, I meant I don't know the folks in that office very well.

You took that and made a leap to saying I don't "know enough about Title V" and stretched it farther to talking about our students.

Sure, they let us have our CASA and our Cesar Chavez week and let us build hornos and try as we may to keep our traditions and count on the fact that that is enough for us and to a large degree sadly it has been.

Then they turn it into a form of demagoguery; again to fatten their bank accounts.

The exception to this is the sort of extremely thorough background checks that the federal government does for some security clearances, where they interview people who know you; in a detailed check like that, it’s more likely to come up because there’s more of a chance someone they talk to will mention it.But those security checks also generally require you to list in your background, rather than picking and choosing anyway.All this said, when I’ve talked about the fact that advanced degrees can sometimes hurt you more than help you in job searching and suggested that it’s fine to leave them off your resume, that doesn’t mean that you should go out of your way to hide a degree either.And truthfully, colleges don't need to do any of that. One writer asked about "demographics." We should not care about the divisiveness of demographics.It is not a "demographic" that fails math, or drops out, or incurs student loan debt. But that takes us to the very racist "help" programs that are open to some and not to others.

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