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The main issue with this type of diet is that it can deprive your body of the energy it needs throughout the day.What’s more important is the quality of the carbs you’re getting.It’s often assumed that a hearty high-protein meal must start with meat or fish. However, beans are legumes are another good source of the macronutrient.The legume is an especially useful cooking ingredient for vegetarian dishes.When you need instant energy for your day-to-day activities it’s better to get carbs from food.There’s been a lot of fad diets showing up in recent years that focus on low carbs.This is another benefit because it gives you the ability to get better value from your grocery shopping.The three main types of macronutrients are carbs, protein, and fat.

Deen has a sizable fan base; his fans, dubbed "Deenagers", have created social media fan pages on Tumblr, Pinterest and standalone fan sites.

Carbs are important for providing your body with instant energy.

You can also get energy from stored fat but the process is more complex.

It’s better to look for ones that provide energy throughout the day instead of ones that provide a spike in insulin.

That includes ingredients like refined sugar, flour, etc.

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