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This is definitely a fragrance as the name itself says sweet, very sweet, but it is by no means obvious and trivial different from many perfumes in commerce sweet and not very original!It is enough just two spray no more, is a strong fragrance with a very good persistence! Then that perfume choked me and I gave it very quickly.I find it perfect this season, in view of Christmas gives sweetness and elegance! My taste has changed quite a bit in the past few years, and now I emphasize many spicy, many sweet flavors, I can give it a second chance.Are we just going to ignore the fragrance pyramid on here being completely inaccurate?Makes a good Christmas gift and can be worn as your holiday party perfume. It’s not exactly sophisticated, but it’s fun, flirty and feels like a more grown up version of something I’d wear as a teenager or in my early 20’s, which is what I think Prada was going for. A clean sweet scent, I only sprayed it once on my wrist so I didn't expect much but for me it was difficult trying to smell this as it changed really quickly and pretty much faded after a couple of hours.Not bad, not offensive but a bit unpredictable in my opinion, was not expecting the faint initial caramel to leave so quickly, not what I was expecting from something named "Candy".

That lipstick smell I can detect it only in the opening, after that, I smell only caramel, but its caramel it is so unique for me, it is somehow salted or I can say it reminds me the soft caramel on top of a creme caramel(flan).This can be worn to work/office and matches with a blouse, skirt or dress but seems to want you to wear her with make up.The 'mixed musk' or soft musk is leathery and quite similar to handbags or purses.This perfume surrounds me like a soft sweet caramel aura, it is not like I am sprinkled with caramel syrup.I guess I had had a long enough relationship with Prada Candy to review it - I started off with a smaller bottle, then used up more than a half of the 80ml bottle and all I can say is - as I am maturing and my relationship with fragrances is getting more serious, Candy seems just a bit too much for me.

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