Should christians online dating dating and marriage customs in romania

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This is just as true in traditional dating matters, by the way, as it is for the online approach.

As long as you're motivated to let God direct your steps, even in the online dating process, and to follow His will as He reveals it to you, you'll make decisions that honor Him.

"I mean, if I sign up for a dating site and pay a company to help me find my future wife, doesn't it mean I'm not trusting God to do that for me?

When it comes to online dating, there's a subtle motivator that can creep into the process almost without your noticing.As you apply these debilitating traps to your thinking about online dating, you may see just how naive they are.The bottom line is that the Bible nowhere forbids online dating, and therefore, neither should we. We don't want to make the mistake the Pharisees did and invent "sins" that weren't mentioned in the Bible.Of course, this is a personal thing, so we're not suggesting you broadcast it or that you delineate every detail.We're simply saying that having a small community of support as you pursue online dating is a great way to be sure you stay in God's will.

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