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In a lot of cases you may even take one back to your room assuming she’s a girl.

If you don’t want to follow the obviously stupid rule of “if she’s too beautiful to be a girl she must be a ladyboy” check out this article for some easy ways to figure out the difference between a Thai girl and ladyboy. So if you want to ask her in Thai if she’s a ladyboy, you would say: “kun bpen kàtoey mǎi” (คุณเป็นกะเทยมั้ย).

If she answers “tam lɛ́ɛo” (ทำแล้ว) it means she has done the surgery (literally: do already) and if she goes “yang mâi dâai tam” (ยังไม่ได้ทำ) it means she hasn’t (literally: yet not done).

Like this you avoid facing a dick instead of a pussy (if you do try to avoid it).

Lieutenant Theerapat said: 'Today was his day, next time it will be ours.

Maggots were living inside the cavity which also exposed her skull.Worldwide Veterinary Services Thailand operations director Ian Clarke said: 'The suffering was unbearable to see and the injuries caused distress for many of the vets and vet nurses that came into contact with the dog.'To think of what she must have been going through, physically and emotionally over the few months before she was rescued was enough to break the hearts of some of even the most experienced staff.'However, during five weeks vets were able to turn her life around.After what would have been months of suffering, her wounds were finally cleaned and sewn shut and she was given food and water. A stray dog that was found abandoned in the street with horrific facial injuries has made a full recovery thanks to a British charity.The dog, named Kiss, was found in Chiang Mai, Thailand, semi-conscious and covered in dirt, with parts of her skull exposed by an open wound.

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