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On December 5, 2008 Haley Scarnato announced via myspace that "...

Now as for all the months I haven't been in contact with you, I have had a few personal hurdles that I have had to deal with.

On October 16, 2007 in an interview with My San, Scarnato stated that she and her fiance had broken up while she was on tour.

Haley's now-unavailable EP of studio version songs that she performed on American Idol was released on i Tunes, along with all the other Top 8 contestants.

Randy Jackson thought it was just okay and Simon Cowell agreed by saying "you look good, you sound, it's a bit cabaret".

In an interview on tour Haley also revealed that she wants to move to Nashville and do a country album once the tour is over.

In 2008, Haley recorded "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" for the American Christmas album.

After dislocating both of her shoulders, Scarnato moved on to other interests.

Soon after, she found out that singing and music were her true passions and loves.

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