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A thorny tree producing a fruit like a small plum, Zizy- phiis Jujuba.

A grass from which rope is made, Saccharutn ciliare.

Name in Southern India for the bulrush millet, I\)iniseium typhoideum ; syn.

A platform of mud or plastered brick, used for social gatherings.

A measure of land, varying widely ; the standard bigha is generally five-eighths of an acre.

(i) A village, or collection of huts ; (2) a Jain temple, Kanara.

' discount,' and hence allowances by way of compensation (iv, pp.

Name in Gujarat for a small millet, Panicum friimen- taceutn. (1) A street lined with shops, India proper; (2) a covered market, Burma.

XXV INDEX NEW EDITION PUBLISHED UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF HIS MAJESTY'S SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INDIA IN COUNCIL OXFORD AT THE CLARENDON PRESS 1909 HENRY FROWDE, M. PUBLISHER TO THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD LONDON, EDINBURGH, NEW YORK TORONTO AND MELBOURNE PREFACE This Index to the twenty-four volumes of the Gazetteer has been compiled, under the supervision of the Engh'sh editor, by Miss Petherbridge and her staff of assistants, among whom special mention may be made of the services of Miss D. — are now omitted, space has been found for the insertion of many more personal names and words of only occasional mention.

In the main, the plan adopted in the last edition has been followed ; but, while local references to headings of almost universal occurrence — such as Christians, Districts, History, &c.

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