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When I started playing Pi Seua in Perfect Match, I still had the angry look of Kongpop.I told the director about it and tried to change to suit Pi Suea’s character. I heard that there were fans of Pi Suea, but I didn’t expect so much feedback when I posted pictures on the Internet of my character costume fittings.The charming actor told us about his acting experiences and about Perfect Match, which will be showing on GMM Channel Digital TV 25 and GMM Satellite TV 35. I was a very shy kid, but I tried to change when I studied Communication Arts at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University.I made new friends and was chosen to be a class president.We rehearsed the scene while riding another horse during the training sessions,” Push said.Despite their experience, when asked to describe their biggest challenge, Push replied that it had to do with fleshing out his character.Charismatic DJ and actor Puttichai Kasetsin (Push) was chosen to play Pi Suea in the TV series, with May 112 stating that Push has a similar personality to Pi Suea.Student Weekly recently met up with 28-year-old Push at the GMM TV office.

In the drama, she plays a big star in Thailand who hires him as her bodyguard to protect her from a mysterious stalker.Being new to horseback riding, as well, Push revealed that their two-day training session barely prepared them for the shoot.“The scene was shot using a different horse, which we were not familiar with.“It was more of a challenge playing Sibtit because he is such a playboy, while I am nothing like that,” said Push, who described himself as a one-woman man.“But when Sibtit meets Prikkang, he tries his best to change himself to show that he truly loves her.” As for Esther, who describes herself as a girl of few words, she said it was different playing a character who’s feisty.

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