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Brightness and contrast were adjusted using the “auto” option in the software.Confocal stacks were combined using a Maximum Intensity projection.

Among Mesozoic taxa, only a few have been tentatively linked to extant groups.

Although previous molecular phylogenetic studies greatly advanced our understanding of the diversification of Pacific , a number of uncertainties remain regarding phylogenetic relationships, divergence times, and biogeographic patterns within this large and widely dispersed group.

In the present study, five loci (ITS, ETS, involved a combination of narrow (within-area) sympatry and founder events.

The autofluorescence signal was collected with two different photomultiplier detectors with the following wavelength emission windows: 500–550 nm for the 488-nm laser, 570–620 nm for the 561-nm laser.

PS-PI stained samples and Auramine O stained cuticles of were observed using a Leica TCS SP8 microscope.

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