One full movie in telugu mahesh babu online dating

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Assuming that he is an illusion, he shoots Rosarios in his head.

By the time Gautham realises Rosarios is real he is dead, and Gautham learns that his parents were murdered.

Nassar, Pradeep Rawat, Kelly Dorji, and Anu Hasan appear in supporting roles.

Mahesh's son, Gautham Krishna, made his debut in the film as a younger version of the protagonist.

When Gautham's father refused to sell it in favour of distributing it globally for free, the businessman and Rosarios killed his parents.Sameera, a journalist at the concert, films Gautham fighting his imaginary opponent.Gautham surrenders to the police after "killing" the man, confessing that he killed three men: one in Belfast, one in Pune and one just now in Hyderabad.Although he is convinced that he has made up an enemy to cope with being an orphan, a mysterious person tries to kill Sameera.Gautham saves her and proposes marriage, which she accepts.

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