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The use of herbal remedies (ginkgo biloba and ginseng), vitamins, music therapy, touch, massage therapy, and neurofeedback have benefit in the older adult with implications for improved cognitive function [].In a recent study describing members of Shield 65, a Blue Shield Medicare supplement that offers CAM coverage for people over 65, 41% of older adults used some form of CAM, with 80% reporting some improvement in their health conditions.Poverty is more widespread in rural areas and even higher among rural minorities, with 35.2% of rural AA living in poverty compared to 26.9% of urban AA.

The most commonly used CAM by the older adult has been reported as chiropractic medicine, herbal remedies, relaxation techniques, megavitamins and religious or spiritual healing [].All of these factors may contribute to the use of complementary and alternative therapies that may not be widely accepted in conventional medicine.An estimated 29.5% of community dwelling older adults use at least one form of CAM with women more likely than men to use CAM [].Because of a predicted increase in chronic conditions, older adults may be choosing to use CAM more often than previously to help manage their health.There is lack of information regarding specific costs, benefits, risks, or precautions pertinent to the older adult.

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