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Michelle, for instance, reveals she’s a tot mama and that I must love her daughter first, before thinking of becoming her bedmate. This category comprise young women seeking older, loaded men, read “economically stable.” They want a relationship that can result in marriage, with materialistic leanings lurking around. Naturally, they state their wishes to immigrate and not because Kenyans now can apply for dual citizenship.

Moses Nyasani, an urban planner, has attempted searching love online and says the honest attract their type or even conmen as Nyasani found out. Their prurient wishes are discernible from the kind of profile pictures they have used and the language of their profile. A variation of the above is ‘interracial dating’ mostly between pensioners with one foot in the grave and relatively younger lasses from Kenya.

Younger men also seek older women, or less attractive white ones.

Patrick Ang’sa, a 30 year-old marketer notes that such relationships are symbiotic where one part offers the economic lifeline and the other a sexual and physical fulfillment.

When this writer signed up to one dating site with a tailored profile, more than 30 chicks twisting their trying 30s expressed interest.

Some did chat and in examining their expectations, a number were forthright about details that younger women often shy about.

I value people as a core resource and have had great pleasure and success in building teams towards effective justice delivery. He served as the Provincial State Counsel for Nyanza and Western provinces from 1970 to 1973 before going into private practice until 1987.

I am also given to kindness; using that gift, I talk to parties especially those who are unrepresented, in order to make sure they are at ease. The Chief Justice is also renowned for his efforts in entrenching integrity within the Judiciary, streamlining the processes of the Court, the independence of judicial officers as well as the operational and financial independence of the Judiciary as an arm of the government. Badoo says Bernard Omar, is for sexual liaisons among strangers. To many it is a platform where you can meet one for a quick, no strings attached sex,” says the MA student at the Main Campus.Anecdotally, more than half the Facebook dates are huge disappointments as when ‘Jacky’ turns up resembling her aunt who wears calico dresses, yet her profile pictures were those of a beauty contestant who made it to the last 15.Cons come in two ways: thieves and very ‘honest and harmless’ cons who want to gain access to your home after getting familiar with each other.‘International fraudsters’ pose as lovers, but what they want is to access your savings, or what is left of them.

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