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But soon Emily finds herself being drawn into the village of Monte Albano, and discovering a more genuine Italy, darker and more intriguing than she had ever imagined.

She and her children are outsiders no more - and if she can get over a slightly embarrasing obsession with her youthful first love, a rogueish stranger might be about to show her the time of her life...

After twenty years, did she really need to face a delusional,_ in order to not reveal any spoilers, i will call him _ "ghost of her past"?

Because of that, i think this book is more along the lines of a 3,5 stars.

I thought that was kind of far-fetched and irrelevant, and a lousy way to make Emily face the truth.

At one point I thought the book was going to take quite a dark sinister turn, but again it just fell sort of flat in the end.

To sum up, this is not a bad read, it is one that really brings Tuscany to life, yet it could have been so much more.

A heartfelt, witty story of one woman's journey from heartbreak to adventure, full of gorgeous Italian flavour.

Emily Robertson looks like the woman who has it all: the lovingly restored Tuscan farmhouse, the three beautiful children, the successful, attentive husband.

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