Java sex game updating cabinet door

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They feed on the ground or in growing vegetation on grass seeds, fruit, rice, maize, and small insects.In captivity, they are gregarious, long-lived, and adore bathing.Lowland grasslands, open woodlands with grass or scrub, tree savanna, beach forest, cultivated land--rice fields, maize fields & cane fields, and mangroves of Java and Bali, although these birds have now been introduced to many other areas.In the wild, the java sparrow is an open-country finch which is highly social and may flock with other species such as the spice finch.Calm but intimidating in stature; can be pugnacious and territorial in a mixed collection. Several mutations exist, including: Generally these birds are difficult to sex visually, especially when not in breeding condition.Only the cock birds perform a song and dance routine.

A male will occasionally carry a piece of straw prior to performing the courtship display to a hen.When housed in a colony, male Java Finches may fight, so observe the birds closely.They tend to adapt well to human company and are often kept as tame pets.Although they do not build roosting nests, Java Finches in captivity may commandeer a discarded nest of another bird for roosting purposes.Usually, however, birds in a group will huddle together to roost.

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