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PS: You can access Activity Monitor from Spotlight (⌘ Space) by simply typing its name and pressing Enter. Before you kill Dock you need to close Messages to make it work.

I had this issue on Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8.2).

In Preferences, select Messages and check "Save history when conversations are closed." Now when you quit Messages, it will create a collection of chat transcripts.

You can easily access these in your Library folder.

Thirdly, no offense, but that dude was sort of too masculine (especially in the face)to pull off that act to be believable. Every single person has sexual desires, even if they are the most religious.

Fourthly, his cheek bones are not in the right place nor big or soft enough. And suppressing this desire will cause it to manifest in some nasty ways, as it does with some of the clergy.

When Messages was open and I killed Dock it didn't help.

But when I closed Messages and then killed Dock, the badge was gone and after opening Messages the unread messages appeared so I could read them.

He needs more pointers from this guy: And what's funny is that the fellow on right expression as soon as he saw that other guy's face, like that was SUPER trollish. Also the guy that logged off looked sort of like Liberace.

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