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Among the 21 undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral candidates are lecturers studying in the Middle East as part of a University of Zimbabwe staff development programme.

The ties between Zimbabwe and Iran date back to 13th century trade in ivory and gold.

Minister Mumbengegwi, as well as Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Mr George Charamba — along with other high-ranking Government officials — accompanied President Mugabe to Iran.

The country’s chief envoy to Tehran, Ambassador Nicholas Kitikiti, and his wife, hosted a dinner for President Mugabe and his delegation at their official residence — an occasion at which the President met Zimbabwean students based in Iran.

In Zimbabwe, the quest for nationhood was to come months later when nationalist fighters pushed the racist British-backed Ian Douglas Smith colonial dictatorship to the negotiating table after more than a decade of war.

In 1979, the late Vice-President and national hero Dr Simon Muzenda was to visit Iran to express solidarity with the Islamic Revolution, and for years now the two countries have maintained diplomatic relations, with leaders from both sides visiting each other regularly.

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