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” [ is perhaps the most fundamental concept in Confucian thought.It has been translated into English as “benevolence,” “altruism,” “goodness”, “humaneness” etc.Those who do not enjoy offending superiors are never troublemakers.The noble man concerns himself with the fundamentals.

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2 advanced Erweiterte preferences Einstellungen language tools Sprachtools colspan id all radio checked label for Das lgr lr lang Seiten Deutsch cty cr country DE aus Deutschland ads Werbung services Unternehmensangebote about ?The character of the noble man, in contrast to the sage, is being taught as a tangible model for all in the here and now.And although many descriptions of the requirements for status seem quite out of our reach, there are many passages where Confucius labels a contemporary, or one of his disciples a “noble man,” intending a complement. One might want to compare the term “noble man” to the Buddhist , in that both are the models for the tradition, both indicate a very high stage of human development as technical terms, yet both may be used colloquially to refer to a “really good person.” [1-2] 有子曰。其爲人也孝弟、而好犯上者、鮮矣。不好犯上、而好作亂者、未之有也。君子務本、本立而道生。孝弟也者、其爲仁之本與。 You Zi said: “There are few who have developed themselves filially and fraternally who enjoy offending their superiors.It is a difficult concept to translate because it doesn't really refer to any specific type of virtue or positive endowment, but refers to an inner capacity possessed by all human beings to do good, as human beings should.It is the quality that makes humans human, and not animals.

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