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Hvordan kan brands drage strategiske fordele af co-branding i lyset af artist endorsement?På hvilken måde kan musikbranding være med til at påvirke brand equity?

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A new ethos of brand participation is emerging; people see brands as shared cultural property, where familiarity breeds ownership. Endvidere er forbrugeren blevet materielt rigere, da flere penge mellem hænderne har gjort, at de fleste materielle behov er blevet tilfredsstillet.

In addition to that, it is estimated that music branding has an influence on brand equity, as a well-executed music strategy strengthens brand equity.

Finally, the analysed case study will draw a conclusion upon the use of commercial partnerships involving music artists.

By this means, the use of music branding on a more general level will be discussed in order to illuminate the almost untouched area of co-operations with music artists.

The conclusion is that the field of music branding in commercial partnerships has great potential for companies as a way to interact with consumers in a more value-adding, experience-based way, which is of great importance when it comes to brand equity.

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