Celebrity couples dating

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The couple, who met in 2007 on the set of the film and wed in 2011, share 4-year-old son Jack.Pratt announced the news on his Facebook, while Faris shared her statement on Instagram.The pair have spent time together on Martha’s Vineyard and in New York City in recent days, enjoying a fresh romance just as Mellencamp has announced his separation from wife Elaine after 18 years of marriage.A source close to Ryan, 49, says the actress and the rock star, 59, began dating about seven weeks ago, and that Mellencamp and his wife had been separated for some time before that.When asked what makes a relationship last, Hawn has said "never marrying!" She told the hosts of British talk show Years married: 37During the 2016 BET awards, Samuel L.

So to reap the rewards of that— travel, experiences, making music—with him has been such a great and fulfilling thing for our relationship."Years married: 33Their friends and family knew it was true love when Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest were married at their friend Rob Reiner's home in 1984. "Don't get divorced," Curtis simply said in a TODAY interview. I could write a book on marriage called 'Don't Leave.'"Years married: 34After Pauletta Washington turned down Denzel's marriage proposal not just once but twice, the two finally married in 1983 and now have four children together.

I thought that was her husband because they seemed for comfortable and familiar with each other, just like an old married couple,” one observer says.

Mellencamp has been married three times and has five children, including two sons with Elaine.

Pauletta has said there's no real secret to their marriage other than working together as a couple and having faith.

"Nothing is magic, it's just work," Pauletta said in an interview with Years together: 34While this dynamic duo has never married, they have been together for 34 years and counting.

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