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Per a qualsevol altres consulta sobre la tramesa de productes: [email protected] comandes podran ser cancel·lades sense cap cost sempre que no s'hagi iniciat l'enviament.

La cancel·lació de la comanda un cop s'hagi iniciat l'enviament es considerarà una devolució.

We have more than 5000 gui­tars and basses in our product range – but no wor­ries, our Gui­tar Lab will help you find the right one for you.

From a choice of dif­ferent looks, price and fea­tures you will find the per­fect match.

[TRANS­LATE] Beim vir­tuellen 360° Rundgang durch Thomann sehen Sie nicht nur unsere Show­rooms für Instru­mente und Equip­ment für Musiker.

You can select length, dia­meter, punch and tip design to find the right stick.

Inter­ested in get­ting your hands on some cool prizes, pro­moting your own songs and catching up on the hot­test news, including behind-the-scenes info from Trep­pen­dorf? Pay Pal is now an avail­able method of pay­ment at Thomann. If you haven´t got an account with Paypal already you can set one up at Paying by Amazon Pay allows you to use the address and pay­ment details already saved on your Amazon Account to quickly and safely com­plete your Thomann order.

to the product Lennar Digital Sylenth 1 Virtual Synthesizer (Download) Sonically high-quality analogue emulation with 16-fold polyphony, 4 unison stereo oscillators with up to eight voices per note, 2 stereo filters, as low-, band- or highpass with 12 or 24 d B / oct.

Sigueu benvinguts a la pàgina web de l’Abadia de Montserrat.

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